Why Do You Need An Estate Planning Solicitor?

Establishing the legal rights of beneficiaries is one of the main duties of an estate planning solicitor. Estate planning enables you to put your last wishes into law so that the correct people receive what they are entitled to. lawyers make sure your estate isn’t as leaky and wasteful as possible by ensuring that your family benefit as much as they can from estate tax and making sure your final will is legally accurate. This type of planning should only be undertaken by those who have the level of confidence in themselves to understand all the implications. If you wish to learn more about this, visit Keystone Law Firm.
An estate planning solicitor will have expertise in different areas including international law, probate, wills, financial affairs and even celebrity properties. Most solicitors work exclusively for their clients, but some also offer their services to other people, such as celebrities, politicians, businessmen and others who may require this type of planning. A highly skilled attorney will be able to work with these people in ways to protect their interests, ensuring that they receive as little inheritance tax as they can. Some policies, such as life insurance, will also have their own separate solicitors who will handle these matters. The majority of people who make use of an estate planning solicitor end up being happier in the long run.
Another task that an estate planning solicitor deals with is the drafting of a Will. Although the majority of people are only concerned about the basics, such as naming the executor or trustee, the actual process can become complex, especially if there are minor issues that are difficult to clarify at court. It’s the solicitor’s job to make sure everything is crystal clear, leading to a fair and smooth distribution of wealth. He may even require the removal of some of your personal belongings in order to help establish your will as it is required by law. With their extensive knowledge of the law, these solicitors are also capable of working out child custody and parental rights issues, as well as how to deal with inheritance issues that may arise.