Why Breast Size Changes Over Time and How to Care for it Properly -Detailed Notes

For a moment, close your eyes and draw up a mental picture of yourself. Imagine yourself as you are now and concentrate, one at a time, on bringing each body part into view. Start from the top of your head and follow your line of hair down to your face, your clavicles, your line of shoulder, your breasts, your midriff, all the way down to your hips, your thighs, your toes, finally. more info here

First, analyse how you feel about each body part as your mental camera zooms in. For most individuals, when concentrated on, there will be facets of their body that carry a rush of pride and other body parts that will induce a feeling of disappointment when brought into view.

This is the picture of yourself and the different body parts that you carry.

If you’re actually reading this post, as you concentrate on your breasts, you have probably encountered a feeling of dissatisfaction. As your mind zoomed in on the region of your chest, maybe you found yourself unhappily hoping that this region was larger, firmer, fuller, rounder, more even, etc.

This is fairly prevalent. The breasts are a point of overwhelming attention, out of all the body parts we are beautifully endowed with. Pretty much everybody, whether their own or others, has an opinion about them. Unlike other parts of the body – say, the belly button – the breasts are something that most people are actively aware of being pleased or unhappy with, as is most often the case.

You’re probably consciously aware of this fact already. Just now, you experienced it as your mental camera zoomed in on your chest area. Now think for a moment – if you are knowingly keeping these emotions, views, and feelings in relation to your breasts… How does your amygdala interpret your boobs?

Or, more specifically, what does your subconscious assume about your breasts to be true? Does it hold the belief that your breasts are perfect, firm, big, and bouncy, or does it hold the belief that no matter what you do, they are insufficient, sunken, saggy, and just won’t grow?

If you have attempted many natural methods of breast enhancement and had no success with all of them, your subconscious possibly has a certain confidence in your breasts that would not allow your breasts to expand simply because larger breasts do not adhere to the concept of what your body looks like in your subconscious mind.