Slate Roof Repair Overview

When it comes to elegance and longevity, you just can’t do anything better than slate for a roof covering. In excess of 100 years, a good slate roof may have a life, but during that time the individual tiles can become cracked or broken. Our website provides info about Bob Piva Roofing – roofing company.

As is the case for any kind of roofing material, damage will mean that the elements will start finding a way to your house. If left unattended, the repair costs will easily begin to pile up, so it is always prudent to have the slate roof repair completed as quickly as possible to prevent escalating issues.
It is often recommended that you call a roofing contractor to make some repairs, as it can be hazardous work. If you make some kind of error during the repair, there is also the risk of doing more harm than good.
The first step of the operation is to remove everything from the roof that could hamper the repair. This might be snow, ice, or some kind of creation that may have taken root there. The slate roof repair can start only once the area has been fully cleaned out.
There are usually traces of a tile when you have a broken tile, and the nails that kept it in place are left on the roof. In the zone where the damaged tool is mounted, you will need a slate ripping tool. To remove and catch any nails that are left behind by the broken tile, the hooks on the instrument are used.
To get the hooks in place, you will have to use a hammer so that they can either cut the nails or slice them off, allowing you to install the new tile then.
The slate substitute should be the same size as those around it, so weigh it against the others to make sure it’s the correct size indeed. You may use that as a reference before using a slate cutter to trim the fresh slate to the correct dimensions if the damaged tile is still mostly intact.