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A security guard is someone employed by a private or government agency to protect the hiring party’s assets against a range of threats by enforcing precautionary measures. Security guards may be employed to provide protection against forced entry, vandalism and theft and may also be called upon to assist in the arrest and prosecution of criminals. In the United Kingdom there are many independent companies that provide security services to a wide range of commercial and private clients, in addition to the military and police organisations. These companies have developed specific recruitment procedures to ensure the best possible candidates are employed as security guards in the UK. Security guards are required to undertake a rigorous period of training after graduating from high school.Visit Mississauga security guard for more details.

The duties of a safety guard may vary according to the size of the employer, the nature of the business they work for and the size of the estate being guarded. Guards are often required to provide protection to small children who have access to the estate. For large estates, where families stay, security guards may also be required to cater for the needs of estate owners and managers when they are on holiday. Many security companies also offer security to sports clubs, schools and other educational organisations during school hours. For those working in a professional environment security guards are often employed to cater for VIPs such as the Queen, other members of the royal family and the Prince Regent.

There are many different types of security guards employed in the UK. As an individual you can obtain a job through a security agency or you can search for jobs yourself through classified adverts and the internet. Security firms are constantly seeking experienced individuals to add to their ranks in an effort to increase their turnover and productivity levels. On average one new security guard hired each week is permanent employment. Security guards may also find employment through temporary staffing agencies and through private security firms.

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