Methods For Dentist Appointment

Instead of just a checkup and cleaning, dentist appointments have taken on a whole new purpose. While oral health is always the main focus, patients are asking about changes that can be made to the appearance of their teeth and, in turn, the appearance of their smiles. Sometimes cosmetic changes like a crown are made to protect a tooth. Their purpose is preservation with an added bonus of looking great and adding to the way a patient’s teeth go together. On the other hand, some changes purely serve to improve the appearance. Click this link for more info.

Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening is a popular request for patients visiting the dentist. Compared to some of the other changes, this is a less expensive option that still makes a difference. Some changes are subtle, while others are a complete transformation. It usually depends on the method of treatment as well as the products being used. An in-office treatment typically provides results quickly but patients do have the option to take molds of their mouths and special bleaching materials home to continue to improve the color of their teeth.


If a patient wants to change the overall look of their teeth, a dentist can add veneers to give their smile a more uniform look. A person keeps their teeth, but the outer surface is removed. Then, a coating is placed over the teeth that can be shaped by the dentist. A patient can make larger teeth look like they blend into a smile better. Aside from changing the shape and size of teeth, veneers also add a brilliant white coloring to teeth, making an even more noticeable improvement.

Implants or Dentures

If there is a gap in the smile due to tooth loss, a dentist can put in an implant. While this does improve the smile and a person’s overall appearance, it also serves a functional purpose. With a tooth in place, a person could have an easier time doing things like chewing or speaking. The difference it makes to a person’s everyday functions depends on where the gap is located.

Braces and Realignment

An orthodontist typically handles braces, however, this is a cosmetic change for patients that need their teeth realigned. With the help of metal braces, or today’s more popular “invisible” molds, a patient’s teeth are gradually moved into place. This is not a procedure that happens overnight. For most people, it takes months for the changes to be complete. Once the teeth are moved and the smile is improved, some patients are still required to wear a retainer to keep the teeth from reverting to their original location and alignment.