Medical Marijuana Gets a Bad Rap

Medical marijuana has been approved in 15 states and the District of Columbia after decades of poor press and frightening tactics. While several other states are considering entering the medical marijuana bandwagon, the federal government, unaware of what to do, is stuck on the fence.Have a look at Dispensary Near Me for more info on this.

Unfortunately, having approval to use it is just the first step in accessing what they need, safely, for those who find MMJ beneficial in reducing symptoms or managing chronic pain.

Not everybody has the same goals

Inevitably, there will still be those who attempt to exploit the current situation to their financial benefit when something like marijuana is legalised. This is the case of a man from Salem, Oregon, who was arrested recently for growing and selling marijuana. This person had over 100 plants growing and was discovered with scales, packing materials and other instruments used in distribution in the face of six separate charges, including selling within 1000 feet of a school.

However most people who search for a medical marijuana card just want to expand enough for their own needs.

The Lottery in Los Angeles

A lottery is one of the many ways in which local governments restrict the number of dispensaries within city borders. The idea that has been put forward in Los Angeles is a lottery where 100 dispensing permits are assigned. By the deadline, 228 companies qualified for the draw and got their paperwork in.

To date, the exact form of the lottery is uncertain and where it will be conducted. The 228 dispensaries will, meanwhile, continue to run. This is much fewer than the almost 800 situated across the city previously, many of which were shut down in June 2010.

The aim is to restrict the amount of dispensaries and to disburse them across the city fairly.

What is the future going to bring?

Public sentiment is just part of the puzzle for the sellers of medical marijuana. While in some states, the selling of marijuana, growing supplies and knowledge are all legal, federal law continues to ban it. That implies that when it comes to having the business help they need to truly succeed, they always struggle.

Banks, suppliers of merchant accounts and landlords are all hesitant to do business with people running dispensaries. Creative applications that claim that “supplements” or “vitamins” are sold by the store only go so far and bear a certain risk if the true nature of the organisation is discovered. Many dispensary owners have had their bank accounts or merchant accounts locked overnight, leaving them securely operating their company without the infrastructure.