Making the Move: Choosing a Moving Company

Perhaps few of them are as stress-producing as moving to a new home when it comes to making changes. After all, first there is the duration of searching for or constructing the new home, then there is the packing up of your things, then it is time to move those boxes to the new spot, and then unpacking all your items and setting up housekeeping. -more info here
Uh, Whew! Just thinking about it, that’s enough to make one tired!
Fortunately, one no longer has to take each of those moves on their own. Only pick a moving company to do all of the work for you, and in no time at all you can travel quickly and comfortably and then set up in your new house. You do not want to employ the very first or the cheapest moving company you happen to find in the phone book or as part of a web search, of course, or you may not be impressed with the results. And how do you go about finding a moving company to make the move? Here is a simple checklist to ensure that you select the best possible business to help you make a move.
Give yourself plenty of time, preferably at least eight to ten weeks, to choose a moving business. Do your homework during that period. Ask friends and family for advice, find out if broken/damaged products were used by any of the businesses, if they were courteous, on schedule, had enough equipment and any other questions you might have. Tell the individuals you meet.
Determine what movement you are going to take. Are you going to move the appliances? Do you have useful or special packaging that includes artwork? How much time are you going to have to make the move? Do you need a moving company with full service that also packs and unpacks the packaging?
When the list of moving companies has been narrowed down, make sure you speak to each one and understand exactly what they offer and what you are paying for it. Make sure it is Like to Like the comparisons.
Read the contract carefully before signing, and ask questions about anything that’s vague.
Know exactly what you’re expected to get on your moving day.