Legal Rights in a Personal Injury Lawsuit

For certain, there is one thing; personal injuries are never scheduled and most individuals are unsure of their legal rights. A lawsuit for personal injury is something filed against a negligent party to recover expenses for medical bills, lost wages, medical devices and out of pocket costs. If the injury is serious, a person may be compensated for the consortium’s pain and suffering and loss. A legal right that anyone injured in an accident can file in hopes of compensation is a personal injury lawsuit. Our website provides info about Flagler Personal Injury Group.
They have the legal right to obtain the help of a lawyer if a person has been involved in an accident. They are not required to speak with the insurance company, and before making a statement, they should always consider consulting with a lawyer.
An individual who has been involved in an accident resulting from someone else’s negligence should be aware that they are not legally responsible for answering questions or receiving phone calls from the insurance company. There are times when an individual may think that the insurance company has its best interest at heart. Throughout the process, they may even seem to be an advocate; just to find out they are recording the telephone conversation in an attempt to get you to admit something that might be held against you. Insurance adjusters and officials have a fiduciary duty to the organization and not you and they can sometimes use your own words against you.
An individual also has the legal right to reject any offer or defense made to them by the insurance company. They may counter or decline any offer if they are not satisfied with the settlement offer. They also have the legal right to litigate and have their case heard in the judicial system.
When a person hires an attorney, their legal rights are essentially protected. You may not be aware of the techniques insurance companies will use if you have never gone through a personal injury lawsuit. The legal process can be tough and requires a professional negotiator and litigator’s expertise. To put a fair value on a claim while speeding up the process, an attorney will be better suited. While most individuals will take every reasonable effort to settle their case out of court, if a settlement can not be reached, an attorney will be almost imperative.