Information About Stucco Replacement

Stucco restoration is frequently considered as a short term fix to a home but in most cases, it is considered as a long term solution to address several occurrences of short term incidents such as cracking, shifting, peeling and flaking. Have a look at Stucco Replacement for more info on this. However, there are some occasions when a stucco restoration is actually necessary to prevent further damage. For instance, a repair cannot be done after a hurricane if the affected surface will be subjected to further weather changes like heavy rains or strong winds. So if you want to avoid any further damage to your home and especially to your foundation, then you have to have a restoration that will cover all possible defects in your stucco surface.

There are two methods that you can choose for your stucco replacement one is the labor costs and the other is the pre-mixed stucco material. You should know that the labor costs include the time spent by the workers who are doing the repair job and the materials that are required for the repair. And for the materials, you have to pay for the cost of buying the raw materials as well as the labor costs of the repair workers. This may take longer time but the total cost will still be less than if you had hired someone to do the repair job. The only disadvantage of this option is that the repair job takes a lot of time and you will be left without the luxury of time, especially if there is no guarantee that the surfaces will not get damaged again. On the other hand, the pre-mixed stucco material is sold in larger amounts and is easy to transport, which allows you to have the materials at the service facility nearest to you.

As a final point, you should also know that stucco replacement should be done once you have identified the defective areas. For instance, you should have the old siding taken off before you replace the stucco on the affected areas. If not, the old siding will just get damaged again.