Information About Advanced Telecom Systems

Advanced Telecom Systems, otherwise known as DAS systems are dedicated in providing the most complete Telecom Systems to people. The company is a part of the larger telecommunications conglomerate, Nortel and provides high-end telecommunication solutions for clients all over the world. This company is also one of the largest suppliers of telecommunication equipment and systems to the corporate community as well as to the residential sector. DAS can be installed by trained and certified professionals who have had extensive training and qualifications in the field. Our website provides info about Advanced Telecom Systems.

The advanced telecom systems consists of a distributed antenna system along with a complete Digital Access Control System. The DAS consists of three components which are an access control station, modem and control panels. These three components work in conjunction with each other to give you complete control over the phone calls you make. The company has many locations across the United States and they service all major cities including Tampa, FL. If you are interested in having a DAS installed in your home or office, contact them and they will gladly come to your location and evaluate the setup.

If you have been looking for a way to keep your communication lines open with no problems then you should consider having a DAS installed. If your cellular phone has broken down or you are experiencing poor reception, then there is nothing worse than having to call your cell phone company to get someone to help you. Having a DAS system in place will keep your line open and you will be able to receive all of the calls you want regardless if they are incoming or outgoing.