How Hair Follicle Simulation or Scalp Micropigmentation Can Benefit Women

There should be around one hundred and fifty thousand hair strands on the head of a normal, healthy person, a figure that remains fairly constant over the entire lifespan. The state of hair and the damage it goes through when exposed to toxins raise the rate of hair loss, even though it is inherited. Anything more than one hundred hair loss strands a day is cause for concern.Have a look at Scalp Micropigmentation for more info on this.

Growing concern about hair loss among women

Although men are more likely to lose their hair as they age, hair thinning and hair loss are experienced by millions of women around the world. There may be a variety of factors that could lead to this condition, including stress, pollution exposure, and diseases and health concerns, such as vitamin deficiencies.

In the industry, there are many products and services that claim to be able to naturally regrow your hair. However, because there are several different variables that may be the primary trigger, it is difficult to solve each of them. In addition, surgical procedures and some scalp conditions may leave scars that are unable to develop hair on the scalp.

A Fresh Alternative

A modern technique of cosmetically coating the scalp with dots of pigment so that the head appears packed with hair is hair follicle simulation. The method is somewhat similar to that used to receive a tattoo, except that the equipment is much more sensitive and involves advanced expertise. For the scalp, also the pigment used is specially made, as it should maintain its color for much longer than a typical tattoo.

The aim of hair follicle simulation is to simulate the look on the head of hair follicles so that bald patches are not clearly visible. Depending on the natural growth of the hair, the color of the pigment, needle thickness and the angle of entry of the needle are calculated so that it looks natural and uniform.

How to have it completed

As long as the needle used is brand new and the procedure is performed in a sterile environment by an experienced expert, the hair follicle simulation treatment is painless and safe. The results are noticeable immediately and it stays that way for decades, but as the pigment will fade, a touch up may be needed, so you would need to devote yourself to it. Make sure you visit a reputable facility to see the effects of the care for former patients to assess whether you want to go for it.