Guide to Hair Transplantation Clinic

If you’ve ever been to a hair transplantation clinic then you know that the first thing they do is surgically removed about two thousand hairs from your scalp and then place them on the bald spots in your head. This is not a procedure that is used to correct only one problem but rather, it is a treatment that can correct many problems of related types. If you are considering this procedure, you will need to talk to your doctor as to how many grafts you will need. This can vary based on a few factors such as how many hairs you have and the skin and hair colors of your head. Although some hair loss occurs as a result of genetics, hormones, and chemotherapy treatments there are other causes which will determine how many grafts will be needed. Check Manchester Hair Transplant.

There are a few things that go into deciding how many hairs will be transplanted from each graft. These will include the donor area, the depth of the balding areas, and the amount of hair that are available on the recipient area. There will also be several tests that will need to be run on both the donor and recipient to see if there is indeed a successful hair transplant case. After all, an unsuccessful surgery is no better than a failed surgery due to a lack of good hair transplantation clinic or supplier.

When you visit a hair transplantation clinic, you will want to ask about the success rates of the procedure. Although the percentages aren’t great, there is still a success rate so you should at least keep the hope alive that you will be able to get back all of the hair that you lost. The success rate is based on how many transplants were performed on the patient and how many of these transplants worked. The number of transplants that ended up with good results is also factored in. The more successful the procedure is the more likely the success rate will be.