Facts about Vinyl Decking Contactor

Take the stairs down to the lower level – two bedrooms, bathroom, office and laundry – step into the front door and you have your choice. Take the stairs to the main floor, where there are two bedrooms, a bathroom, a kitchen and a living room. On the lower level, the house has a garage for two cars. If you wish to learn more about this, visit Warning Signs When Choosing a Vinyl Decking Contactor.

By stealing space from the garage, the office and one bedroom have been added. In the downstairs office, the electric furnace is located in a closet. In the upstairs hallway ceiling, there is a return air register, and in the downstairs hallway ceiling there is a smaller one at the bottom of the stairs. In addition to the toys and cheerio’s, there are damper valves in the round metal heating ducts just inside the upstairs floor registers, one thing that is unusual about the heating ducts in this home. Typically, in a commercial system, I see only damper valves. One thing I did during my second and unsuccessful visit was to open the damper valves by placing the heating ducts with my hand down. The homeowner was unaware that the dampers were there. On one of the living room ducts, opening the damper valve increased the flow of air from 625 cfm to 1200 cfm. (I have attached a box with a flow metre, one of my spy gadgets for energy)
The access to the attic is in the closet of the master bedroom. Nathan unloads the machinery and starts setting up the door to the blower. Jay grabs a screw driver and works his way into the enclosure of the furnace and I set up a ladder beneath the access to the attic. I invite Jay and Nathan to join me in the attic with the ladder in place. I have a surprise for them that includes the insulation of the attic. Boy, that sounds exciting, or whatever!