Drive Paving – How To Do It Yourself

If you have ever driven through a country side and admired the rows of brick that line the road, then you may have been spoilt for choice when it comes to drive paving. Paving your own drive can be a rewarding but painstakingly difficult task. The first step in undertaking this project is to choose a location for your driveway. You may want to build your driveway on a spot where there are no foot traffic and a lot of trees. Other than that, your driveway could be on any flat piece of land.You may want to check out Brownstown Charter Twp drive paving for more.

After finding a suitable place on the land for your driveway, you will then need to build the required border edging to separate it from the rest of the landscape. This is usually made from PVC piping or strong wire mesh. You should make sure that there are no any buried wires or pipes beneath the surface of the earth so as to avoid disrupting any drainage underneath. Once the edging is in place, you can start to pave your driveway.

After you have laid the bricks or tiles that you have chosen for your paving, you will need to line them up with a spade. You should begin by sweeping the paving to make sure that there is an even layer all the way across the surface. Then you will need to start knocking the bricks or tiles into place one at a time, pressing them firmly into place before finally sweeping away the last layer of paving.


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