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Botox is generally considered to be very safe when used as directed. It’s relatively safe for Botox. Temporary bruising at the point of application is the most frequent side effect. Other side effects of Botox may include dry mouth, injection site discomfort, headache, difficulty with temporary vision, fatigue, headache, or pain in the neck. If you wish to learn more about this, visit My Botox LA Med Spa.

In softening and reducing the expression lines that come with ageing, Botox treatments have gained widespread popularity. Botox is a very diluted form of bacteria that triggers botulism and works by blocking the small facial muscles from nerve impulses that generate wrinkles and lines with constant expressions such as smiling or frowning. The nerve impulses are blocked by the effects of Botox, which prevents these small muscles from contracting. Although once associated with a “frozen” facial appearance, the technique of targeting just the right injection sites and controlling the exact amount of the drug injected to maintain a natural appearance has now been perfected by physicians. The origins of Botox were in the treatment of neurological and ophthalmological problems, and for well over ten years, it has been used very safely to treat certain types of these disorders. The side effect of decreased wrinkling of the skin in conjunction with the treatment of these other disorders was noted by doctors, hence the increase in popularity of Botox as a cosmetic treatment. The cosmetic treatment involves the injection into specific places on the face of a minute quantity of Botox with a very fine needle. Injection-related suffering is very minimal. It is possible to associate the injection with a small amount of bruising that is easily covered with make-up. Following treatment, patients may immediately resume their normal activities. Other than minor bruising, there are also side effects that happen. The toxin can rarely migrate to areas other than the injection site and cause the eyelids or other facial areas to droop.