Compliance Verification – A Registered Plan

Compliance Verification is a key concept in a wide range of United Kingdom public sector organisations (PSU) and private organisations (PBO). Compliance Verification helps an organisation in its requirement to implement laws through regulate activities by offering them evidence and validation that these laws has been consistently followed by the relevant parties involved, ensuring that regulations have been met to the letter. The Process enables businesses and other organisations to identify areas where they may be lacking in terms of compliance, work to address this through training and development of best practice guidelines. Do you want to learn more? Visit By clicking we get more information about the Compliance Verification

Compliance Verification is one of the three components of the Building Regulations. The other components are Performance and Development and Code Review. Compliance Verification ensures that the Codes have been adhered to throughout the construction of the building or structure in question, in order to contribute to its safe maintenance and overall performance. This can be achieved by a combination of processes, including onsite visits by the responsible parties to check which aspects of the Codes have been breached, and periodic audits conducted by an independent professional body. The Codes can also be checked by looking to international standards bodies such as the International Indoor Air Quality Commission (IIAQC).

A Compliance Verification Scheme covers a wide area of public sector and private organisations which require the accuracy of their Codes and a continuous monitoring of their effectiveness. Many public bodies such as councils and housing associations will utilise a Compliance Verification Scheme when drawing up a Building Regulations for the first time in order to ensure that the construction of their buildings are compliant with local regulations. For small developments (e.g. homes, offices or shop fronts) the Compliance Verification Scheme can also be used to monitor the performance of the project.