Regenerative Medicine – Things to know

Chronic pain in the front and centre of the knee is common in involved, stable young female adolescents. While young boys can be affected, young girls are more likely to be affected. While the cause of anterior knee pain is unclear, the complex nature of the joint makes it more susceptible to movement, exercise, and overuse. Visit this  Knee Pain Treatment

Pressure from overuse or activity causes the kneecap to turn backwards, creating discomfort just below the kneecap. Adolescent behaviour can be influenced by a number of factors.

Thigh muscles that support the knee joint are out of balance (quadriceps and hamstrings) Excessive participation in sports Lack of adaptability Issues with leg alignment between the hips and ankles Using sports fitness techniques or facilities that aren’t suitable

Symptoms of Adolescents

In most adolescents, pain in the anterior portion of the knee is gradual, but it can occur at any time of day or night over time. You will note the following symptoms if you have this disorder:

You can hear cracking or crackling sounds in your knee as you ascend stairs or get up and walk after a long period of sitting.

There is a lot of pain at night.

Knee pain while performing activities that cause you to regularly bend your knee (i.e., jumping, squatting, running, and other exercise, especially involving weight-lifting).

Knee buckling pain is uncommon, but it does exist (buckle).

Pain may be caused by changes in activity level or strength, playing surface, or equipment.

If the pain persists and limits daily activities, the thigh muscle can weaken due to lack of use. If the knee pain continues, see your doctor as soon as possible to assess the cause of the pain and get treatment.