A Note on 3D Laser Crystal

One cool way to impress the person receiving the gift is to convert the original 2D photo into a 3D crystal sculpture. This is a new process that brings another dimension to the crystal, and is done by etching a clear optic solid crystal block with a high power green laser. These images make a great decoration in any home as well as having a symbolic meaning for the person receiving it. Here’s another crystal design tip for a 3D Laser Photo Art:

Say you have an old country house in a remote area. You have spent many years of happiness in it and always loved the surroundings. But it gets more and more difficult to access it especially in the winter time. As no one is living there permanently, you decide to tear it down and sell the land. Before getting into action, take a picture of the old country house and get a 3D Laser Photo Crystal made from it. You now have an eternal keepsake to cherish the very fond memories it invokes. Check 3D Laser Crystal.

I could go on with other examples, but I think you now see it through. The Laser Cristal ordering process is very easy. Once you selected a crystal from the various shapes (tower,cube,heart,diamond,train or flat)& sizes offered by the merchant, upload your best picture and then place the order. Fast and easy. Your custom-made crystal will make a unique and stylish addition to any collection of fine crystal and is sure to invoke stunning memories of special people and events, with beauty and classic elegance.