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However, dentists may not be required to spend as much time with each patient compared to a PPO and may end up providing services below the cost. Have a look at Mill Creek Dental for more info on this. Volume is more important than quality in a DHMO, and so dentists are often motivated to spend less time with their patients. There is no true relationship between the dentist and the patient because of the lack of time, even though a patient will eventually be seen and treated. This may not be your optimal dental insurance plan if you would like to be seen by a dentist who takes time with his or her Mercer Human Resource Consulting, that figure jumped to 67 percent. Dental offerings among large employers (500 employers and up) jumped from 90 percent to 96 percent of companies.”20 Sadly, many companies can not afford to pay all or part of the dental benefits of their employees.” Mercer data shows that in 2003, dental costs for all employers in employers averaged $577 and rose to $598 in 2004, an increase of 3.6 percent. “In the meantime, large employers saw a 5.4 percent increase from $574 to $605.”20 According to Evelyn Ireland, NADP’s Executive Director, “employers are not dropping dental coverage, but they are squeezing the amount of money they contribute to it.”20 As the cost of providing their employees with dental benefits continues to increase, companies are passing on these price increases to employees. “Kirk Rothrock, CEO of Comp Benefits, believes that many companies are shifting the cost of dental benefits to their employees.20 “The biggest trend we’ve seen over the last three or four years is the shift from employer-paid benefits to voluntary benefits,” he says. The most obvious way for employers to control dental costs… is to make employees pay more.” “Employers say, “I can no longer afford to pay your dental benefits.”