What to Do When a Child Dental Emergency Arises

When an accidental trauma happens in the mouth region, it is one of the most frightening experiences for both the child and the parent. Have a look at Dental Clinic for more info on this. It may happen as a result of a fall or being struck by a pitch, among a variety of other possibilities. Since such an occurrence can occur at any time of day or night, it is important that parents have a “dental house” to which they can call in the event of an emergency. Here’s a quick guide for parents on what to do if their child has a dental emergency.

Broken jaw: If your child’s jaw seems to be broken or cracked, he or she should be taken to the emergency department. Otherwise, most other dental emergencies can be handled in a non-threatening environment and at a considerably lower cost by a good paediatric dentist with 24-hour emergency contact.

Toothache: Toothaches may be caused by a number of things, such as cavities and infections. To decide if the pain is caused by trapped food, parents should gently floss around the tooth. If the floss is clear, rinse the mouth with warm salt water, add a cold compress, and make an appointment with your “dental house,” preferably a good paediatric dentist.

If there is bleeding from a broken or chipped tooth, apply direct pressure to the gums just above or below the tooth (never on the tooth itself). To avoid swelling, rinse your mouth and add an ice pack before you can see a dentist. If possible, collect all fragments of the tooth and put them in a sealed plastic bag with a little water (not milk) before taking them to the emergency room.

If the tooth is a permanent one, rinse it with water without touching the roots and gently reinsert it into the socket, using gauze to keep it in place. If it can’t be reinserted, put it in a plastic bag of saliva or clear water and bring it to the emergency dentist with you. If it’s a primary tooth, don’t try to re-insert it; however, there will most likely be a lot of bleeding to deal with. Gently press on the gums above and below the missing tooth, but never on the wound. When an emergency occurs, contact a paediatric dentist right away.