Tummy Tuck in One Word

What’s the tuck of a mini tummy? A mini tummy tuck is technically considered a partial abdominoplasty which essentially extracts excess skin and fat from the region under the navel. This method of technique has grown in prominence considerably. For example, a complete tummy tuck extracts skin and fat from the whole stomach region. When there is not a lot of extra skin to cut, and the patient is involved in minimising a bulging lower belly, a mini tummy tuck is a reasonable choice.Have a look at Phoenix tummy tuck for more info on this.

The muscles of the lower abdominal or rectus abdominus are stretched during pregnancy and the laxity can linger, emphasising a lower abdominal bulge. For women wanting to return to pre-pregnancy abdominal firmness, the mini tummy tuck is a common choice. For men trying to minimise extra tissue following weight reduction or even gastric bypass surgery, a micro tummy tuck is often a good choice.

In addition, the mini tummy tuck has a smaller incision than the complete tummy tuck, and the healing period for patients is shorter. A slight incision above the pubis is used with the treatment for a mini tummy tuck, and liposuction or body contouring is typically used to eliminate extra weight. The lower abdominal muscles are tightened, and it is important to unattach and reattach the belly button. Today, such as “signature” belly button, there are “The Rodeo Drive” belly buttons being marketed. This offers a post surgical tighter, flatter belly button. When the contouring is complete and the muscles are tightened, to reach the incision point, a thin flap of skin is lowered and the resultant scar may be as small as 2 inches.

The price of a mini tummy tuck may be up to 50 percent less than a complete tummy tuck, so less effort is required. For a mini tummy tuck, the estimated cost is about $2500. A mini tummy tuck treatment lasts less than 2 hours on average and the healing period is often significantly shorter than the whole tummy tuck. He or she would be able to decide whether a mini tummy tuck is correct for you following a consultation with the surgeon. If there is a considerable amount of loose skin to cut, it may be appropriate to do a complete tummy tuck.

Both tummy tucks can leave a scar, although only a slight scar above the pubis is usually left by the mini tummy tuck, whereas the complete tummy tuck will leave considerably wider u-shaped or w-shaped scars as well as scarring above the abdominal button. The expense of the treatment is much lower than a mini-tummy tuck, and healing period is significantly shortened. If liposuction isn’t enough and a complete tummy tuck is more surgery than you like, you might suggest a mini tummy tuck.