Things To Know About Structured Water Filter

A Structured Water Filter is a water purification device that is based on the theory of adsorption. The water, whether it be in a natural well, a stream, or even the bath water, isn’t structured like regular water. This unique molecular structure happens to create structured water when water is subjected to light. And many proponents of structured water feel that it can be created by utilizing a simple structured water filter. Others disagree, and claim that it is a useless waste of money and time. Check Greenfield Water Solutions.

When sunlight hits a structure, the light diffracts off individual water molecules, and creates an optical energy field. The human body is composed of many different types of cells and molecules, all with different needs and purposes. Light can pass through one of these structures and change the chemical makeup of the drinking water molecules, altering the makeup so it is no longer structured like regular water. Many companies have tried to use this method as a means of making drinking water safer for consumption.

One company which has developed a system which uses this process for filtering water has been founded by an inventor with the last name of “Clayton Nolte”. The founder of this company, Dr. Clayton Nolte, claimed that exposing samples of ordinary spring water to ultra violet light produced different types of charged particles, one of which is a free radical, which could be responsible for damaging the health of the human body. Through years of testing, Dr. Nolte states that his company’s solution has prevented cancer, cardiovascular disease, and various other serious ailments from occurring in his test subjects. Many of the company’s customers claim improved general health, as well as an overall sense of wellbeing after introducing a structured water filter to their drinking water.