The Insider Secret on Shared Hosting

A shared web hosting account is a type of web hosting account where many websites share a common web server located on the Internet. This is usually the cheapest option for web hosting, because the cost of dedicated server maintenance is divided amongst a number of clients. In this type of hosting the server is shared by all the websites that are being hosted, which means that each of these websites shares the same computer running the server software. Each of the websites therefore has its own part of the operating system, such as a desktop, laptop, and a tablet. This type of web host is great for small websites or for websites that need only a fast and reliable server for their website activities.
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Another type of shared hosting is a dedicated server. A dedicated server is a type of shared hosting where several different companies own and operate the server software and hardware. The advantage of using this type of web host is that you do not have to share any part of the server with other website owners. However, this type of hosting is also the most expensive, because each of the website owners actually has their own portion of the server. There is also a potential drawback in using a dedicated server, in that you will not be able to make any modifications to the server software or hardware.

Virtual private servers are another type of shared hosting. In a virtual private server setup each website is assigned its own part of the physical machine. This means that each website has its own operating system, its own connection to the Internet, its own configuration files, and it has its own configuration settings. Virtual private servers are ideal for businesses that want to take up hosting at an affordable price. But because each website is using its own part of the server it can also be quite demanding on the Internet bandwidth, making it less useful for smaller websites that need only basic features and functionalities. However, if you are a big company that requires a lot of traffic and a stable server environment then using a virtual private server could be a good choice for your business.