The Importance Of Leesburg Acupuncture

The various acupuncture forms include:

Electroacupuncture acupuncture

This method of acupuncture involves spinning the needles after they are inserted into the body or using a mild electric current to stimulate them. It provides the patient with a tingling feeling that some practitioners claim makes healing easier. Check Leesburg acupuncture.

Acupuncture of the Body

This is the most common form of acupuncture that includes inserting fine needles from the toe to the head into several points on the body. The drug is used to cure a wide variety of diseases.

Acupuncture of the auricles

This method of acupuncture involves placing fine needles in the ear where acupuncture points that reflect all parts of the body are assumed to occur. The treatment is effective in treating addictions such as alcohol or smoking and can help cure infertility when combined with body acupuncture.

Acu-Acoustics and Acupressure

The practitioner massages or pressures main acupuncture points with this kind of acupuncture. This acupuncture is effective in the fight against fatigue, skin disorders or migraine-like painful conditions. When undergoing this kind of treatment, patients do not actually need to visit hospitals. With the aid of their physicians, or programmes like the Natural Synergy method, they will learn how to do this type of acupuncture. They will be taught how to recognise critical points and massage themselves in the comfort of their home in this way.