The First GYN Visit For Your Teen

As your daughter reaches the age where she will need to see a gynaecologist, you should make some plans and take some precautions. Teach her the biological terminology for all of her body parts, if you haven’t already, so she won’t be afraid to ask the doctor gyn questions because she doesn’t know what to ask. Explain to her that you are providing her with this knowledge so that she can better refer to her body if she has any questions for the doctor. Assist her in her research into the area of gynaecology and obstetrics and gynaecology, and in understanding when and why people should make an appointment so that she can know if she wants gynaecological treatment in the future. This will also be beneficial to you as an analysis.For further information regarding this,more info here.

It’s understandable that you’re as nervous as your daughter, and it’s perfectly appropriate for you to make a pre-appointment with the gynaecologist. You may now express any questions you have that your daughter might be too shy to express. It’s important to do this one-on-one with the doctor rather than in front of the patient because a woman needs to feel in control of her own health, and it’s critical for a young girl to develop a healthy trusting relationship with a GYN without the intervention of her parents.

If the first visit is under the age of sixteen, only a pelvic and breast exam will be performed; in addition to providing an opportunity to get to know the doctor in less traumatic terms, a large portion of the first appointment will be informative and conversational.

You may also ask the doctor to give a scientific presentation on reproduction and how it functions. An clarification of the meaning of menstruation, if she does not already know, is also necessary at this time. Emphasize that gynaecological health is a lifelong journey with preventative treatment as the target, and that she does not need to be ashamed or afraid if she requires care for some cause. For the sake of a young woman’s wellbeing and the often humiliating nature of relevant problems, giving your permission for your daughter to obtain information from the doctor on her own is also recommended.