Some Interesting Facts About Lamborghini

Worldwide, Lamborghini is known for its high-performance luxury cars. The company was founded by the Italian businessman Feruccio Lamborghini and is headquartered in a small village outside of Bologna, Italy. this link

Before Lamborghini got into sports cars, he owned a tractor factory. Lamborghini was disappointed with the clutch in his Ferrari 250 GT, according to the story told by his son, and went to Enzo Ferrari with a complaint. Lamborghini was driven away by Ferrari, claiming he had to stick to driving tractors because he couldn’t drive cars.

When he got home, Lamborghini dismantled the clutch of his Ferrari and discovered that it was made by the same company that created the clutches he used in his tractors. Using a spare part from his own factory, he fixed the problem.

It’s clear that Lamborghini started his business, whether or not the story happened exactly as told, because he was sure he could beat the competition. In 1963, with the Lamborghini 350 GT, he began the Lamborghini Automobili business. After exhibiting the prototype at the Turin Auto Show in 1963, the company sold over 130 models. In subsequent years, Lamborghini followed up with the 400 GT and the 400 GT 2+2. In 1965, the iconic Miura, which lifted the reputation of the brand to the heights of Ferrari and Maserati, was produced by Lamborghini.

The car factory was not yet entirely self-sufficient, but the cars were soon sold worldwide. After he started making sports cars, Lamborghini maintained his prosperous tractor company for several years. The business, however, received a setback in 1974. A South American company had previously placed an order so wide that Lamborghini had to upgrade the tractor factory to accommodate it. The client cancelled the order after he spent a great deal of money updating the plant.

Lamborghini wanted to sell off the tractor sector and concentrate on automobiles. The company survived only on the selling of the famous Miura for a while. Lamborghini sold the business to a Swiss investor and retired once the company began doing well. However, his name stayed with the firm.

Ever since then, Lamborghini has seen its share of ups and downs. Shortly after the creator left, it declared bankruptcy and it was acquired and sold several times. Over the years, it has passed through the hands of Swiss, American and Indonesian interests, and today it is owned by Audi, a German group.