Sell Your House Fast To a Professional Home Buyer

It’s a real achievement to sell your house quickly in this market and sometimes those guys with the signs that say “we buy houses” that you now see everywhere will give you the support you need. Have a look at this site.

I have admitted so far in this series that I am one of those guys and have been for two decades and have offered some tips on how to see if you are dealing with someone trustworthy. That’s a nice start and there’s plenty you need.

Even if the guy or gal you are trying to sell your house comes on time, has a long history of buying homes, and has never been on the wrong end of a lawsuit, you need to be sure that the terms of the contract are what you believe they are.

Many of our ads say “Real People who Buy Houses Really.” What’s going on is that some of the people who say they want to purchase your house don’t really “buy” homes.

Don’t make them a bad person and you may want to do things the way they do, but I just think it’s fair that you understand how it works. Think about’ contingency.’ And there might well be a four letter word for contingency.

In certain instances, this is how it operates. Guy or Gal suggests they want to buy your house and sign a deal with both of you. There’s a contingency somewhere in the contract that states, basically: You have to sell, and if I want to, I’ll buy. That most likely means that long before they close on it and they make a small profit, they have found someone to purchase your home.

Or, until they close the deal, they do not find anyone to buy your house and they come back to you and say:

“The deal has not been accepted by my partner, so I can’t buy it.” “Once I also met one guy who bragged that there was a clause in the contract that said the sale had to be approved by his “dog.

In all of our contracts, “Little Wolf” Beardsley (World’s Finest Australian Shepherd) never appeared and even if he had, he never found a house he didn’t want to purchase.

Now, in all honesty, this arrangement has nothing wrong with it. If the person who buys your house is marketing professional, knows the local market inside and out and can sell your house for more money and quicker than you can, they should be paid.

Real estate agents are charged for selling houses (and I am one) and they have little risk most often. If it sells and if it doesn’t, they’re out of promotional expenses, they just sell the house and get a fee. Your home buyer will close the house even if he/she is unable to sell it as quickly as they hoped, and that’s a risk in this market.