Quick Approaches of Structured Water Why It Is Essential

It just distinguishes the alkaline side, or the acidic side, of the minerals already present in the water. The ionizer will make neither alkaline nor acidic water if water has no minerals. Click this link for more info.

Why do you and I need a WATER IONIZATION Device Heck?

Just imagine that you have the power to take regular tap water and convert it into a strong antioxidant and anti-aging water, both of which are charged with a NEGATIVE ORP (Oxygen Reduction Potential) that slows our ageing process. Essentially, at the cellular level, a high or positive ORP induces oxidation, which accelerates the ageing process. Ionized water’s negative ORP significantly speeds down the process of ageing by counteracting positive ORP. Essentially, ionised water renews us at a cellular level. This is as close as we can ever expect, as amazing as that might sound, to get to the ‘Fountain of Youth.’ But keep in mind that life is a chemical operation, and since the human body is around two-thirds of water, with alkaline ionized water filled with high-level electron energy, we can get impressive results. Fresh-squeezed orange juice, for example, has an ORP of -250. We can drink just a few glasses of fresh orange juice a day but we can drink as much ionized water as we want. In Asia, many individuals drink as much as two gallons of ionized water each day. People are now starting to realise the many advantages received by drinking loads of ionized water in the Western world. In order to stay properly hydrated, the trillions of body cells need ‘structured’ water. The factor that regulates the balance of water surrounding body cells is sodium. Sodium intake (only in the form of sea salt) is therefore important for our health & well-being. It actually becomes ‘wrinkly’ when our skin dehydrates, which is not necessarily a symptom of age, but rather our inability to keep our bodies properly hydrated!

IONIZED WATER is also a highly effective antioxidant.

FREE RADICALS are unstable molecules of oxygen that cause damage to healthy body cells by oxidation, causing them to age prematurely.