More About In Home Senior Care Denver Co

If you believe that your elderly relative needs home care, there are many factors to consider before making any decisions. You may also request a treatment assessment from a Home Care Agency, which would look at the following requirements. This will not only assist you in determining whether or not your loved one requires home treatment, but also what form of care they will need. Check In Home Senior Care Denver Co.

Daily Living Activities (ADL)

The first thing to consider is how your elder handles the simple, day-to-day tasks of caring for himself or herself and maintaining the household.Among these activities are:

  • Laundry cooking and  grocery shopping
  • Personal hygiene, such as toileting, bathing, and dressing
  • Visiting the doctor and taking prescription drugs
  • Organizing one’s personal finances
  • Because of physical disabilities or memory issues, older people might not be able to complete all of these tasks fully.
  • Physical Fitness

The concerns that might be impacting your loved one’s physical wellbeing are the next thing to consider. If you want to enlist the help of a Home Care Agency, they may want to speak with the elder’s primary care physician or bring in their own geriatric care expert to obtain an accurate assessment.

The following are some things to think about:

  • Mobility – This refers to their ability to drive around their home and neighbourhood in a secure manner.
  • Vision deficiency is a common concern as people get older, and it can lead to a variety of issues such as depression due to a decrease in social contact or accidents from falling.
  • Hearing loss is also a common problem among the elderly, and it can have a negative impact on their quality of life.
  • Considerations about Mental Health

Because assessing the mental health of an elder can be difficult, it is probably best to send your loved one for a licenced geriatric mental health assessment. This is due to the difficulty of distinguishing between normal memory disorders associated with ageing and those associated with dementia or Alzheimer’s disease. Depression is the same way. The symptoms may be caused by a variety of causes, including a loss of interest and appetite, as well as a lack of energy.

Considerations of Nutrition

Poor health, difficulty shopping or cooking, and food hoarding are all factors that make it difficult for the elderly to maintain proper nutrition. Here are a few nutrition-related questions to ask your elder.

  • Is your senior getting enough food and the right kinds of food to fulfil his or her everyday nutritional needs?
  • Is your senior still willing to shop for and prepare nutritious foods?
  • Do you eat the food that your elder prepares or has cooked for you?