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The bed bug treatment process may require several rounds of treatment to be successful. As the bugs are resilient, it may take some time before they are eradicated from a premises. A professional pest controller company should be hired to do this work, as this is not an animal or plant life you would want to mess with. The reason for hiring a company is, they have the right chemicals and knowledge for treating the infestation. They will also be able to offer advice about how best to exterminate an infestation as it occurs.Find additional information at Detroit bed bug treatment.

If a premises is successfully treated by a pest control expert, then the bugs should be eradicated completely within a few months. The typical adult lifespan of a bed bug in the United States is around one month. Bed bugs tend to feed once per day if a feed is available. One female can lay up to113 eggs in her life span, so under ideal conditions, the infested premises can be renewed each month.

The methods used to eradicate bed bugs are highly targeted and specific. It is important to destroy each and every egg. Once this has been done, it is important to clean the infested areas and the surrounding fabric. In addition, it is necessary to use certain heat treatments to kill any remaining eggs. As these treatments are meant to eliminate bed bugs, they are generally applied by a professional pest control expert, not by a do it yourself enthusiast.

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