Hunting Accidents and Personal Injury

An accident while hunting can happen for a variety of reasons. Every year, about a thousand people are mistakenly shot by hunters in the United States and Canada, according to the International Hunter Education Association. A little under a hundred of those thousand injuries end in fatalities. Although other hunters have been the majority of the shooting victims, non-hunters have also been involved. Get the facts about  Social Security Disability Attorney

Misunderstanding the weapon is one of the most common mistakes hunters make. Too many hunting incidents occur when the shooter believes his gun is empty or the safety is engaged. To avoid such mishaps, keep track of the amount of ammunition in your gun at all times and remove any extra ammunition as soon as you’re finished shooting.

Another common cause of hunting mishaps is not aiming your gun’s muzzle at the ground while running, walking, or passing it. This may be difficult to remember in the midst of all the excitement, but it can easily save your life.

Finally, never place your finger on the trigger unless you want to fire, and always know what your aim is before pulling the trigger to avoid accidents. As simple as they can seem, these are very common errors that can result in a person being injured or even killed. Always bear in mind that you’re carrying a potentially lethal weapon.

Finally, when hunting, always wear a brightly coloured vest. While camouflage can help you hide your attack, it can also make you a more easy target. Bright colours can be seen from afar, and your fellow hunters will know to avoid them right away. Since most game animals are colorblind, a vest won’t usually give you away.

Since a loaded firearm is a dangerous weapon, most states will treat a hunting accident as a negligence case. However, some states will treat it as a strict liability issue. In any case, they would take into account the hunter’s experience, how the hunter responded after the incident, and the sort of hunting that was performed. If the shooting victim dies, the gunman may be charged with wrongful death and face criminal charges as well as prison time in some states.