How To Get Your US Tax ID Number – A Closer Look

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) is the head of the United States Federal Income Taxation system. They have a website that offers a lot of useful information about filing taxes. It is the website of the IRS not the state or any local government. Each and every taxpayer need to know the rules regarding filing taxes with the IRS.. They cannot file their tax returns if they do not have an Identification Number from the IRS. The Internal Revenue Service also provides the SSN (Social Security Number) of the individual to whom the tax return is filed.check over here for more info on this.

The US Tax ID or Social Security Number is very important for those who file their tax returns. It shows that the individual is a US citizen or a resident alien. A person having an ITIN and a SSN cannot file a US tax return, unless he or she applies for a refund of tax under the social security program or the child benefits program of the US government. There are many reasons that one may need to have both an ITIN and a SSN: For instance if the foreign national moves to the United States, he or she should get an ITIN to prove that he or she is a legitimate US citizen and then he or she can apply for a Social Security card.

There are several other reasons also that one may require both an ITIN and a SSN but in most cases of filing tax returns the ITIN is mandatory only. If the nonresident alien files his or her federal tax returns, the foreign national must give a copy of his or her ITIN to the Internal Revenue Service or the designated address of the IRS. The ITIN cannot be used by a nonresident alien or a resident alien who has lived in the United States less than six months. The tax paid on such an alien will be taxed in the place of residence of the alien rather than where he or she lives.