Five Family Law Terms Your Attorney Might Use

Your most valuable assets are family law lawyers if you find yourself in the midst of a family legal conflict. The perfect family lawyer would have a number of cases dealing with both years of training and experience, including those close to your own. It helps to educate yourself about the family law process while looking for the best attorney to represent your case. Here are a few primary words that you might hear your attorney use. You are best prepared to give your attorney the details he needs to win the case by understanding what they say. Have a look at Jensen Family Law – Mesa for more info on this.

The Conservatorship

A child’s legally appointed conservator has the right and duty to make major choices for the life of the child. This involves choices in schooling and school, medical decisions, and religious and moral upbringing. This is also known as custody, too. You can also hear a distinction made by your lawyer between legal custody and physical custody. A parent with legal custody has the ability to make decisions about the life of the infant, and physical custody or the right to take control of the child is also shared.

Joint Custody of Single vs.

The words of sole custody or joint custody or conservatorship might also be familiar to you. Sole custody means that only one parent has a child’s rights as a conservator. Joint custody means that custody, when the parents are split, is shared by both parents. Parents can share certain rights under this distinction, but not others. One parent, for example, can have legal custody and share physical custody, or both can be shared equally, etc. For anyone’s family situation, flexible arrangements can be made.

Possession and Scope

In certain instances where one parent is given sole conservatorship, the other parent will also always be able to see and spend time with the infant. As previously mentioned, this is the same thing as getting physical custody of the child by one parent. Schedules are used in the state of Texas that determine how much time the kid spends with either parent. By coordinating with the other parents of their infant, several individuals are able to build a schedule that works best for everyone involved.