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Details: 90 percent indica, 10 percent sativa, deep purple. It’s the hybrid to beat all the hybrids, with a beautiful look at the plant that attracts patients to that strain specifically.

Health applications: Muscle spasms and back pain are relieved. Great for patients who have restless leg syndrome or other ailments of the muscle system.Learn more about us at Love Shack by SPARC Recreational Marijuana Dispensary & Delivery San Francisco-Dispensaries Near Me

Review: The indica-dominant strain has a clear “A” designation. Best for the night as a drug, as it can have extreme effects, typical of a mixture, on both the mind and body.

Details: Pure Indica Solid. An ever-popular cross of a train wreck, and an Afghan potato. A soft, citrus undertone taste, you get everything that’s wonderful about Indicas with A-Train.

Health Uses: Appetite enhancer, brain pressure decreases. For people with glaucoma or other eye disorders, and also for patients with chronically ill appetite problems, the perfect herb.

If you live in a medical marijuana state and have been licenced to use marijuana to treat your medical condition… Then what’s next?

Now is the time to look for a reliable supplier of high-quality, medicinal-grade cannabis. According to your particular state regulations, medical marijuana can be legally purchased at hospitals, clinics, or coops. While the configuration of each role is different, here are some specific things to look for when choosing a primary caregiver:

Locating all outlets close to your place is the first step in deciding where to purchase your medicinal marijuana. For that project, Google maps are the perfect resource. So go to Google Maps and check for something like “Colorado dispensaries” easily and the results will appear as location markers on the interactive map.

Once you have a list of some clinics or dispensaries in your area, you can start researching more information on will by searching for similar names. If you don’t know the name of a particular spot, you can do a fast Google search for items like “Colorado dispensary reviews” or the best dispensaries in Colorado” and find great written reviews from users. To narrow your choice down to the top 3 locations to buy medical marijuana, use the specifics in this phase.