Essential Tips To Simplify My Home

Focusing on things in our lives that bring us joy and happiness, surrounding ourselves with things that we enjoy, and making everyday life as simple as possible, is now more important than ever. In our own homes, a great place to begin is. We may not be able to control what is going on around us in the world, but we can most definitely control what’s going on in our own homes. From getting ready for our day in the morning to cooking meals and washing up the dishes at night, there are many things to do every day. Why not make them as simple and fun as possible with so many assignments? Here are some inspiring ideas about things you can do to alleviate tension and simplify life in your own home. Have a  look at this site.


Hey, got gadgets? Get rid of kitchen appliances that are taking up precious space you don’t need. Shop products that are most used where you need them most. For quick accessibility at all times, hold large scissors, Scotch tape, bag clips, markers, black sharpies (for dating food), and a small notepad in a drawer. Hang on the refrigerator a personalised shopping list and check off food products as stocks run low. Store plastic grocery bags under the sink or in a cabinet in an empty Kleenex box . Match up plastic bowls with lids. Toss the ones that have no matches. Keep a hair clip in a small dish by the sink, so when making meals, it’s right there when you need it. In addition, when doing dishes, keep a small platter on the counter for rings.


Store products in transparent, stackable, labelled containers or drawers of plastic. (i.e., nail care, make-up, lotions and small creams, travel goods, etc.) Pull out and use as needed and bring to another room as well. Do you share with others the bathroom? Have a separate container labelled for each person. In a drawer, basket or cabinet, store additional rolls of toilet paper. For quick, fast cleaning, keep a collection of cleaning products in each bathroom. Store a bathroom cleaner in the shower and a sponge or scrub brush. Got a couple of extra minutes? When showering, clean the shower. Keep sink countertops free of clutter and arrange with drawer dividers the contents of drawers. In the morning, do you enjoy listening to the radio? Start your day off right by investing in a tiny bathroom/shower radio.

Place for Living

Keep it clutter-free in this room. For remote controls, designate a home. Hold on the coffee table just new magazines and recycle the remainder. Minimize the number of framed photographs and knick-knacks strewn about. Keep only those that are really important to you and that you like. The less you have, the better it’s going to be for washing and dusting. Make this room cool. Display just stuff that makes you happy.

Sleeping room

Hold just your basics on the bedside table (i.e. lotion, chap stick, bottled water, alarm clock, and the latest book that you are reading). Using a hamper instead of the floor or a chair for dirty laundry. In the closet where they belong, hang your clean clothes. Every morning, make your bed. – time you step into your room, you’ll feel amazing. Need more room for storage? To lift up the bed frame and store things underneath, use bed risers. For spare change, keep a jar on the dresser and a small dish for emptying pocket pieces. For placing things that go elsewhere in the building, have an empty basket handy. Take some time before going to bed at night to bring things back where they belong.