Electric Bear Fencing

Electric bear fencing is an excellent solution to prevent unnecessary cabin damage. You can easily install the electric fence right over your cabin to safeguard the main control area even when you’re not around. Electric fences send a mild, but safe shock to bears which teaches them to steer clear of your cabin. You should always secure the fencing behind your house, as well, just to be sure you don’t have any live presents under the fence (bear treats, for example) that can be kicked or thrown through it and into your home. The shock will discourage most bears from trying to kick or use their claws.You may want to check out Bear Fencing for more.

There are several bear fencing options, available to suit your needs and budget. Wooden, aluminum and vinyl models are available, and many companies offer a custom fit fence design to ensure an even and safe enclosure. Bear Fencing UK specialists can help you select a design that suits both your security requirements and your budget. If you have a large open field or large garage, you might want to consider electric fence designs like the ones seen in Bear Fencing UK products.

A lot of wildlife suffers at the hands of bears. While there are already some common methods of containing and protecting bears such as fencing, there’s no need to add more threats to this endangered species. Electric fences are a good solution that is cost effective and very safe, while giving you peace of mind that your home and surrounding areas are safe. Remember that bear fences are intended only as a secondary means of controlling bears. They are not designed to be shelters or safes. The primary goal of bear fencing is to keep bears out of your property, not to keep them inside.