Dispensaries – An Overview

Medical marijuana has many benefits for those who suffer from debilitating diseases and conditions that regular prescription pain medication would not help alleviate. As the demand for pharmaceutical grade pain relievers like Vicodin and oxycodone continues to diminish, more people are turning to alternative pain relief alternatives. Although marijuana is not technically addictive like prescription pain medication, many believe that it is a gateway drug that will lead to harder drugs. Even though marijuana does not produce addiction like prescription pain medications do, there are still concerns that it may have harmful side effects that become habit forming over time. Checkout Dispensaries Near Reno for more info.

Medical marijuana has been shown to be a safer alternative to prescription pain killers like oxycodone and Vicodin because it is non-addictive. Although heavily studied and believed to have many benefits, not many of its benefits have been fully understood yet. In theory, medical marijuana could help relieve the symptoms associated with glaucoma, but no one really understands how it does so. Medical marijuana is also seen as a safer alternative to opioids because it is not habit forming or highly addictive in the same way that prescription drugs are. Many seniors who have used medical marijuana as a safer alternative to opioids have stated that they would still consume the drug under certain circumstances.

Some medical marijuana users have started writing op-eds, published articles, and speaking out about their experiences using the drug to relieve chronic pain. Writing about one’s experience, especially if it relates to one’s own health and/or chronic pain, may open up doors to other seniors who may benefit from the use of medical marijuana. Currently, marijuana is considered illegal in the United States and violating the law can carry significant penalties. Despite this harsh stance, there are many seniors who benefit from the drug for its ability to reduce pain, improve sleep, provide relief from nausea, and appetite suppression. Although not approved by the FDA as medication for any condition, many seniors are discovering that medical marijuana can provide them with much needed relief from daily aches and pains.