Criminal Defense Attorneys Provide Legal Representation For Defendants Facing Serious Charges

A criminal defense attorney is a lawyer practicing in the defense of businesses and individuals charged with criminal activity. Criminal defense lawyers defend clients who have been accused of crimes ranging from simple larceny to murder. They provide legal representation to those accused of breaking the law. Criminal defense lawyers can be regarded as public defenders, because they often work to help people in need of the public defense system, but they are not funded by the state. Many states have developed their own system for providing indigent defense counsel, but many defendants elect to represent themselves at trial, which is not considered ethical by some defenders. In contrast, prosecutors offer a more hands-on approach to charging criminals, seeking sentence enhancements, trying the case in court, and preparing for a trial. Our website provides info about Leppard Law: Florida DUI Lawyers & Criminal Defense Attorneys.
Not all criminal defense attorneys are criminal lawyers. Some specialize in white collar crime such as tax evasion and embezzlement, and may work solely for the government, representing individual clients in high dollar criminal cases. Specialists in this area typically work with private investigators and other officers who work on cases unrelated to their white collar practice. Other criminal justice professionals may work for both the government and for private law firms. These professionals may also work to build successful private law firms that focus on white collar criminal defense.
Criminal defense attorneys provide an essential function in the criminal justice system. If you are arrested for a crime, you should seek the assistance of a professional criminal defense attorney to represent your case in court. Although prosecutors often represent serious criminals, most prosecutors prefer to try cases involving rather serious offenses. A conviction can result in years of time in jail, hefty fines, and other severe consequences.