Choosing Dispensaries

There are literally thousands of strains of the best cannabis, each with its own distinct qualities that set it apart from the rest. Hybrid cannabis plants are the result of cross pollination between two strains, and therefore have a hybrid appearance. Have a look at Dispensary for more info on this. The term hybrid comes from the fact that some of these strains may have certain characteristics of both parent plants but have the traits specific to their hybrid offspring. Some of the most common traits in hybrid cannabis plants include; high CBD levels (often around 20% CBD) and a higher THCA level than the parent plant.

Many of these kinds of strains are highly potent and can help one get the same effects as the most popular cannabis strains. However, it is important to use the correct amount of each trait so as not to create a “dud” strain. For instance, a good trait to look out for with African American cannabis would be a higher CBD percentage. However, the higher CBD does not mean it has more powerful scent, only that it has a lower percentage of THC, the active ingredient that produces the “bangs” in cannabis.

Another factor to consider is the type of aroma therapy that the plant uses. Indica strains tend to use traditional methods to produce their desired scents, such as spraying the leaves with floral fragrances, or using bark scrapings to create aromas. These methods tend to work well to get rid of mould and mildew, which can cause some strains to lose their potency. However, these traditional methods of aroma therapy can also remove some of the key benefits of the hybrid strains. For example, because the plant’s metabolism is so different from its parent strains, the plant can’t use the same ways to create its “unique” sense, meaning some of the smells may be stronger than they should be.