Choosing a House Cleaning Service

You must trust the person or individuals who are entering your home. Consumers should look for more than just a sense of whether a company can efficiently conduct house cleaning services; they should also look for information about the company’s staffing philosophy. According to a new national survey of Canadian insurance firms, commercial cleaning companies account for over 35% of domestic claims. The survey also found that the majority of cleaning service providers are underinsured, defending themselves against fraud and/or harm to company property but failing to sufficiently compensate their customers. It is not mandatory to conduct criminal background checks on workers in order to be bonded as a cleaning service in Canada; thus, it is the employer’s duty to perform the necessary checks on an employee prior to authorising them to work in a customer’s home. This is a shocking statistic. As far as we’re concerned, this should be the first question you ask every business you’re considering, because it’s a fallacy to be lieve that any company pretending to be a cleaning service is checking this. more info here

Consumers should also inquire if the items used by a company they are considering are healthy commercial cleaners. You’d be shocked by how many store-bought cleaning items contain potentially harmful chemicals. One of the worst is bleach. It is possible to achieve a commercial-grade clean at home using items that are 100 percent effective and have no negative environmental consequences. Inquire.

Don’t be afraid to ask for references. Assessing an organization’s professionalism beyond the testimonials it posts on its website is a decent way to figure out who’s good and who’s not. When and if asked, good companies will seek out the input to give to new potential clients, and they will still have existing or former customers who can serve as references.