Chiropractors Aligning Backs For Good Health and Posture

Alternative health care practitioners are chiropractors who identify and treat patients with musculoskeletal system health problems, including the muscular, nervous and skeletal systems. They discuss the impact on the nervous system of these issues. Have a look at Seattle Chiropractic for more info on this. The spine and its manipulation are the subject of several chiropractic treatments. You have to take two or four years of undergraduate school before you can get admitted into a chiropractic college before becoming a licensed chiropractor. Both chiropractors need to be certified and therefore have to pass an inspection by the state board. Chiropractors, on average, earn $69,910 annually.

In China and Greece in 2700 BC, the origin of chiropractic practices can be traced back to when writings from this era described the manipulation of the spine and lower extremities to treat lower back pains. Even the Greek physician considered to be the Father of Medicine, Hippocrates, wrote about the value of chiropractic treatment. The first chiropractor appeared in 1895 in the United States, in the person of DD Palmer. He was known as a magnetic healer, and Harvey Lillard was his first patient who, after snapping his upper back or ear, became deaf. A bump was found by Dr. Palmer and he knew his spinal vertebrae were out of place. He was able to force the bone back into its position, and Harvey was able to regain his hearing. This incident made Dr. Palmer decide to change his specialty to chiropractic treatment and founded the first Chiropractic School within 2 years. He also developed the chiropractic treatment theory that formed the basis of this practice.

You have to complete a two-year or four-year undergraduate degree course in science or other subjects required by the chiropractic college you choose to attend before becoming a full-pledged chiropractor. You will then have to complete a four-year chiropractic treatment program, and you will earn a chiropractic (D.C.) degree upon graduation. A state board review (required in all states) must be passed, which may also include basic science exams. You must also be approved, although several standards differ from state to state. If all the licensing requirements have been met, you can then enter private practice or join an office of practicing chiropractors before going solo to obtain much needed experience.