Benefits Of Professional Web Hosting Over Free Web Hosting

To reduce a small percentage of their operating costs, new webmasters and internet marketers also prefer free web hosting services provided by web hosting giants such as Yahoo and Netfirms. As it costs nothing and helps you to make a presence on the internet before they start making money online, they prefer free service. Free web hosting may not be the best option for you, however,

In this article, we will address the advantages of professional or paid web hosting services over free web hosting services.

  1. Unlike free web hosting where they show banner and text advertising on the pages they give free, a professional web hosting would not display any form of banner and text ads.
  2. In comparison to free web hosting, where bandwidth and web space are minimal, professional web hosting typically provides ample bandwidth and space to handle your visitors and data, which can cause issues if you have large files and constant visitor traffic.
  3. Professional web hosting offers high quality 24/7 service to its clients, unlike free web hosting.
  4. Professional web hosting provides a versatile and easy to use control panel, unlike free web hosting where it does not exist much of the time.
  5. Unlike a free web host, one or more FTP accounts are supported to upload/download files from any FTP client by a professional web host, where you would have to upload files using a slow and tedious web-based upload manager.
  6. Professional hosting offers a complete domain name that helps improve the ranking of the search engine, unlike free hosting where you get a subdomain like that doesn’t look professional.
  7. Unlike free web hosting, professional hosting provides access to databases (MS Access, MySQL) and scripting (Perl,PHP,VBScript) and flash, where you can upload only static pages most of the time.

8.Professional web hosting provides support for forums and blogs where your customers can find answers to their questions and issues easily. Free web hosting provides no such facility at all.

  1. Unlike professional hosting, free web hosting does not allow e-mail accounts to be established with the domain where you get thousands of e-mail accounts that you can use from the company’s e-mail client and web mail service.

As a free web hosting service, we may infer that it is suitable for beginners or private websites. If you plan to earn cash from your website and remain in the business for a long time, always go for professional web hosting.