An Easy Definition About Through A Bankruptcy as A Senior

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For additional articles and resources relating to personal bankruptcy problems,  Senior citizens across the country are beginning to follow what is becoming a national trend through the filing of bankruptcy. According to the findings of multiple studies and research, the filing of bankruptcy by seniors and pensioners is approaching an all time high. The explanation for this is that right now the economy is not particularly good, and seniors are the typical individuals living on a fixed income. The amount of that fixed income does not keep pace with the rate of inflation because inflation happens year after year. Health care costs have passed through the roof to compound this problem, and some pension plans have started to put caps on retired employees’ health care coverage, and some businesses have tried to cut that benefit completely. Senior Americans are becoming increasingly overwhelmed by debt and financial obligations, more than ever before. As a consequence of this, one of the sad observations is that after being part of the labour force for 30, 40 years or more, now is the time when seniors should be able to kick back and enjoy life, but for many, that is not the reality they face. One estimate indicates that about 22 percent of those filing for bankruptcy are accounted for by people aged 55 and over.