A Bankruptcy Attorney Can Help You Find A Fresh Start

Bankruptcy lawyers are lawyers who assist clients with the process of filing for bankruptcy. A bankruptcy attorney represents a client in court as a representative to the court. The primary responsibility of the attorney is to protect the rights of the client under the law, and to settle any outstanding debts. Bankruptcy attorneys can help their clients achieve either full or partial protection from their creditors. Additionally, they may also advise their clients on debt restructuring and on debt settlement. Have a look at Richard M. Weaver Bankruptcy Attorney for more info on this.
The filing of a petition for bankruptcy will involve many complicated steps that should be performed only by an experienced bankruptcy attorney. A lawyer will review all of the creditors’ statements and determine if there is any reason to believe that they may not be eligible to collect the debt that has been outstanding. The filing of this petition must be done with the courts.
Once the bankruptcy lawyer files the petition for bankruptcy, the court will issue an order allowing it to be filed. The order will specify what the creditors have to do for unpaid debts to come off the client’s credit report. The bankruptcy lawyer will then represent the client in negotiations with the creditors to arrive at an agreeable resolution. It is important that once the negotiations begin, the representation given by the bankruptcy lawyer should continue until both sides are satisfied with the outcome. If the creditors refuse to agree to a settlement, the filing of the petition for bankruptcy is again completed in order to start the process of discharge.